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Bare-rooted Plants

Romswood Farm offers bare rooted peonies available for purchase from mid-March until the end of May. $25 per plant (5 for $100).

We are offering the following varieties as these are the best performing peonies we have.


Karl Rosenfield; large magenta/red double blooms are displayed on strong stems. Vigorous plant with many flowers per plant.     



Madame Calot; large, double, soft rose-pink flowers. This vigorous plant is extremely floriferous.     



Meadow Mist: large, double soft/mid  pink flowers grown on long stems. This prolific flowerer was inported from China. Unfortunately the Chinese name has been lost in translation.  We know it as Meadow Mist.    



Charlie White; softest fairy floss blush pink buds open to gorgeous large double white peony with deep green leaves.   



 Krinkled White; large single flowers with a broad pure white petals. Very floriferous,  Award of Landscape Merit Winner from the American Peony Society.



Instructions for Care

Peonies are thoroughly beautiful in bloom in springtime, with lush foliage all summer long. Peony plants require little maintenance as long as they are planted appropriately. They do not respond well to transplanting. Autumn is the best time to plant. They should be settled into place before the first frost. Peonies need a cold winter with approx. 50-80 hours of frost.  This helps the plant to “set a flower”.

Peonies are incredibly long-lived plants lasting approximately fifty to seventy years. So after you have planted them in the right way, you will have the joy of them for many years. These plants have a preference for full sun or partial shade areas together with fertile, humus rich, well-drained soil.   Good air circulation around the peony plant can also be beneficial as is protection from strong winds.  These conditions help peonies to avoid sickness problems. Peonies prefer neutral soil.

Dig a generous sized hole, about two feet deep and across in a well-drained sunny spot. If the soil is heavy or very sandy, enrich it with compost. Add about one cup bonemeal. Stamp it firmly.  Set the rhizome so the eyes face upward on top of the firmed soil, placing it so the eyes are only 2 inches (5cm) below the soil surface. Take care when backfilling not to push the peony deeper.

Water Thoroughly.

Don’t mulch.  The peony rhizome needs to feel the cold of the winter frosts.



Please use the email address on the 'Contact Us' page to place an order for Bare Rooted Peonys.