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Plants For Sale

Bare-rooted Plants

Romswood Farm offers bare rooted peonies available for purchase from mid-March until the end of May. $25 per plant (5 for $100).

We are offering the following varieties as these are the best performing peonies we have.



Karl Rosenfield

Large magenta/red double blooms are displayed on strong stems. Vigorous plant with many flowers per plant.     



Madame Calot

Large, double, soft rose-pink flowers. This vigorous plant is extremely floriferous.     



Meadow Mist

Large, double soft/mid  pink flowers grown on long stems. This prolific flowerer was inported from China. Unfortunately the Chinese name has been lost in translation.  We know it as Meadow Mist.    



Festiva Maxima

These delightfully fragrant, large (12-15cm) double white peonies are packed with frilly petals and occasional crimson flecks on strong stems



Red Grace

Vibrant red “bomb style” peony with vibrant green foliage make this early season peony a favourite


 Krinkled White

Large single flowers with a broad pure white petals. Very floriferous,  Award of Landscape Merit Winner from the American Peony Society.



Madame Emile Debatene

Has pretty mid pink domed shaped flowers on long stems. This mid-late season plant is a good performer at Romswood with each plant producing many blooms



Big Red Boomer Sooner

Large globular ‘bomb’ style. A dark ruby red with loose ragged edge petals on fine stems





Simply download, fill out and send the order form to Virginia McIntosh at vt.mcintosh@gmail.com to submit your order. Call 0412 200 266 for any questions or further assistance.